“Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. ‘You of little faith,’ he said, ‘why did you doubt?'”  Matthew 14:31

Fortunately, I’ve not needed saving – not my physical life anyway.   I have been saved from many an unfortunate incident. One such incident was on one of our many camping expeditions.  At the time our boys were small, we’d left the house, car packed to the gunnels in the evening after work, arriving late at the camp site in the pitch black.  We leave the head lights on to see what we’re doing and unhook the trailer tent. We begin to unfold it, and bit by bit extend the poles, transforming it into what should be a fairly luxurious camp- and then…  Where are the pegs? We search and search and finally come to realise that we must have left them at home.  It’s only now when I think about it that I realise we must have caused quite a stir on the site, and our neighbours had been listening to the ‘goings on’.  I don’t know who they were but I will be forever grateful for their generosity in sharing what pegs they had with us until we could buy some the next day.  They saved us that night from what would have been a very uncomfortable night in the car.

This verse in Matthew is a response to Peter who was with his friends in their boat in a storm (Matthew 14:22-33).  I’m impressed with Peter’s courage who steps out of the boat and walks to Jesus when he is called, but for that split second his mind is taken away.  I can imagine Peter saying to himself, “What am I doing here?  Walking on water in a storm! Listen to that wind! What am I doing here?”

If we are listening to God’s calling and stepping out in faith, we will know those moments when we find ourselves in an almost ‘out of body’ experience when we look at ourselves and ask incredulously, “What am I doing?” Is it our inability to believe we are actually doing whatever it is we’re doing?  Do we remember those times when someone has knocked us back and told us we’d never be able to do that?  HOWEVER, in those moments we are to be commended for stepping out, learning to trust in Jesus and growing in our faith.  We are living out the purpose God has given us and we are being fulfilled because, do you know what? We are doing what we’re doing! Believe it! And remember, Jesus is always there to catch us and save us should we begin to think otherwise.

Thank you, Lord, for your faith in us, and trusting us.  Give us the faith, Lord, to trust in you.  Amen.