I’ve been looking at the parable in Matthew 21.28-31.  This is my version:

There was a manager of a firm who had two employees.  They were called Tom and Kate.  The manager went to Tom and said, “Tom, I need a report writing on those figures today by three o’clock this afternoon.” Tom answered, “I’m so busy, I was going to make a cup of coffee and then look at ordering some stationery. I’m not going to do that.” But later on while Tom was making his second cup of coffee he began to feel a bit guilty.  He knew he shouldn’t have said that to his manager and he ought to do as he’d been asked. So when his coffee was made he sat at his computer and typed up the report his manager had asked for.  Then the manager went to Kate and said, “Kate, I need a report writing on those figures today by three o’clock this afternoon.” Kate said, “Yes boss, I’ll get on to it right away.” But instead of writing the report she sat down and saw she had lots of unanswered emails and started to open them up one by one.  She forgot about the report and by thee o’clock the had not even looked at it. Now which of these two employees obeyed their manager?

What was the last promise you made?

What was the last promise you broke?

Is it important to say what you mean?

There are several occasions when we make more formal promises in life; before giving evidence in court we promise to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Getting married we promise to be faithful for as long as we both shall live and if you were ever a scout you know that you promised to ‘do your best’.

Saying what we mean and meaning what we say appears to be an important principle to Jesus and in doing so he tells us we are obeying God.  Why is it important? We know how difficult a relationship with someone can be if we’re not able to trust them.  We’re always doubting and questioning so we never know if they’re happy, if they’ll do what they’ve said they’ll do, will they bring back whatever it is they’ve borrowed and we certainly wouldn’t trust them to hold a confidence we needed to share.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” In him we know we can trust and he will always keep his promises!